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words that sound wise

Nih adalah buah karya  status n comment yang wise dari saya sendiri Mr. cfp (mode on: sok coll -> beku dong mas)

saya buat kemaren sebelum ini di post.

The price of a truth can not be judged by thousands in the desert sand.
The presence of a person must have been meant for her lover.
But in fact, precisely the existence of God is a very mean side of us.


Still struggling comrades.
This is not the end of everything.
Something what we think is good is not necessarily the best. God has arranged everything.
Everything that could make us full of questions and always pray.


I will always pray for you.
May God give the best for you.
Keep trying and try as much as possible.
But do not forget to pray, because prayer is a relief that could not be measured.


I think all of that is on what you want to do.
Sometimes it’s true we are in the wrong attitude mean by others.
But please know that an attitude that is based on openness and honesty to express the body as possible.
So you know to always be honest and brave the open but by maintaining the principle that has been built up.


Eventually all went back to the original, I hope nobody feels hurt.
All the things that have been buried and half-dead heart preservation by holding uphold this principle, well maintained with strong end.
Hope you really happy right now, and I was not right for you and you’re also not the most appropriate for me.
I hope your happy smile really show the smile in your heart.


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